Friday, August 29, 2014

As Napolitano correctly noted, the private sector has pretty much outsourced basic research, which can be time consuming, expensive and unprofitable, to public universities. Yet taxpayer support for public universities has fallen dramatically over the past 20 years.

another bad forum pick?:
SF Gate on Napolitano's supposedly clever message on research, innovation (at another Nor Cal private tech speech -like the one HRC attended to make long overdue comment on ...Ferguson. Paid Remarks?)
Daily Cal Senator urges Napolitano to require sexual assault survivor advocates on campuses
Boxer encouraged the UC system to voluntarily implement these recommendations prior to congressional approval because students may need the advocacy outlined in the bill now that colleges are back in session.
Remaking the University - What's Wrong with College? Plenty. What's Wrong with Journalism About College? Everything.
on free lancing see Changing Universities - The Freedom to Starve: The New Job Economy
It seems more likely it would result -not in a survey- but maybe in an app like w/ Suri asking a question of affirmation and then 'for yes click, for no click' -- but there are other fed pieces of leg likely to result in survey work.

Don't remember it that way...
It appeared at the time that the D.A. hoped to get some leverage in another case against a UCLA professor that stemmed from a lab fire. That didn't happen.

-did it really appear that way? To who? Based on what?
Minding the Workplace - Boomers and workplace bullying: Cause or cure?

A "slap in the face" to UC Berkeley staff?: Tang Center ends participation with UC staff health insurance plan
..."But it is slightly heartbreaking to think that anything can be dismissed sonically and put to the sword by the confines of digitalized, computerized sound reproduction. It’s hell.”
There are so many Americas, and I didn’t really know which America I was in.

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