Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bruin Wins In Oakland

UPDATE- also see: NCAA In Turmoil at Remaking the University
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see: Federal Judge Rules Against NCAA In Antitrust Case Over Use Of Athletes' Likenesses

but important to keep in mind the earlier stuff on NCAA this week, remember:
NCAA Votes To Give Greater Autonomy To Five Major Conferences

If this legislation passes through the next 60 days without 75 universities voicing opposition, the five conferences will be able to move forward with long-held plans to enact measures such as increasing medical coverage for student-athletes, guaranteeing scholarships for four years, adopting different recruiting rules and loosening restrictions regarding contact between players and agents.

Though schools other than those within the “Power Five” can choose to embrace any new measures that are proposed, they may not necessarily be able to afford them. This is one of the primary concerns expressed about this new found autonomy, with some arguing that the competitive imbalance will only increase. Many universities in the larger conferences benefit from sizable television contracts, providing them with the means of sanctioning these kinds of reforms.

“It’s going to be great for those five conferences, and that’s about it,” said Gerald Gurney, president of the Drake Group, an NCAA watchdog, to the Associated Press. “I don’t think it’s going to be a good step for nonrevenue sports or for Title IX. We are going to get into a new phase of competition, and there will be no holds barred.”

Is UC's UC Path roll out like the eastern span of the Bay Bridge or the bullet train, or?
Jerry Brown Passes Buck On Troubled New Bay Bridge

update on a previous post now: Coltrane at University of Oregon


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