Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fourth President In Five Years?

Earlier, he did his undergrad at UC Davis
Later became an administrator at UC Irvine
He succeeded (former Cal Chancellor) Berdahl as President at U. of Oregon
Two quick years later: University Of Oregon President Michael Gottfredson Suddenly Resigns

and a local paper with:
University of Oregon President Michael Gottfredson resigns

Gottfredson was hired by that state board after it ousted his predecessor, Richard Lariviere, who was wildly popular with many UO supporters.

A new board, handpicked by UO supporters in conjunction with the governor's office to run the UO, got the power to hire and fire the university's president on July 1. Five weeks later, it announced Gottfredson's departure.

His leaving was characterized as a resignation but has telltale signs of a forced departure: Gottfredson does not have a new job lined up, it was announced the day before it takes effect, and he cites spending more time with family as a key motive.

it also includes a sidebar with "His description of his chief responsibility at OU president: Raising money"
and then:

Lillis, in a prepared statement, lauded Gottfredson for his many accomplishments at UO, including seeing the university through a fraught NCAA investigation into its football recruiting practices that ended with relatively low-level penalties for the university instead of a dreaded bowl ban.

When Gottfredson arrived in August 2012, Lillis said, the "challenges before him and the university were no small feat. But he successfully concluded the NCAA issue, worked and repaired relationships with the other university presidents, governor and state Legislature to establish a new system of higher education governance for Oregon... and negotiated a fair labor contract with the faculty union."

Gottfredson was in many ways a polar opposite of Lariviere. Soft-spoken, mild-mannered and slow to call attention to himself, Gottfredson did not charm the faculty or leading alums the way his predecessor did. He calmed more drama than he created.

He became enmeshed with the controversy in the men's basketball program in his final months in office.

and read the rest there...

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