Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Gov. Jerry Brown and State Sen. Darrell Steinberg, the Senate's president, this year included a $50 million fund for “innovation” in the state's budget. The legislation created an award program that seeks to fund ideas...

... that bubble up from California's public universities and community colleges."

see IHE: Less Prescriptive in California

Applications are due in January. State officials said each award will be at least $2.5 million, meaning there may be up to 20 grants made.

--remember Dean Florez of 20mm (and that conference at UCLA)? Kind of stopped hearing about that: after this broke, anyway

he's gonna help pick the winners:

That means trying promising ideas from beyond California, said Dean Florez, a former state senator and majority leader who was named to the committee this week.
“It’s an opportunity for the systems to look outside their borders,” he said.
Florez said he is interested in applications that feature remedial math reforms, more online access or competency-based education.

UPDATE additional article - there's: LA Times today with this from the President of the UC Regents -a roast jokey aimed at a former ex officio UC Regent “Your way of keeping everybody in the dark was a real winner. If they had known everything they were doing, they couldn’t accomplish half of what we accomplished,’’ Brown said with a dry grin. “I say that—if the press is listening—with some degree of irony. No, we’re for transparency, for the record. We love the FPPC [Fair Political Practices Commission] — all the good things.’’
Remaking the University with a post on UC Care and concerns over next year's plans (that will be offered in November open enrollment this year, and a compilation of posts on the saga

and another on Salaita and University of Illinois

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