Sunday, August 10, 2014

ideas -- revisited

From Aspen Ideas Festival (already blogged on the Faust- Summers section and the Dirks- Humanities section) now some additional sessions of note. First this round table:
Moral and Civic Education - The Role of the University
Are some moral and political questions so contested that they are out of bounds on college campuses? Can ethics be taught to college-age students? If so, how — especially in a pluralist American Culture teeming with disagreement about values? This session will examine these issues with the help of film excerpts from Michael Sandel's Harvard "Justice" course, in which students debate hard moral and political questions. Includes Anthony W. Marx and moderator Dennis J. Hutchinson.

Richard Brodhead, Michael J. Sandel
The title "Is College For Everyone" comes up pretty regularly in other forums, so:
Is College For Everyone - audio clip runs about an hour

moderator and participants:

Andrea Mitchell Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, NBC News

Eduardo J. Padron President of Miami Dade College

Jamie P. Merisotis President and CEO of Lumina Foundation

transcript: here
Part of the basis of UC's new Global Food Initiative :
Edible Education

Public school is our last truly democratic institution. Every child goes to school, and it's the best way to reach and impact our nation's children. Alice Waters, acclaimed restaurateur and social activist, believes that public schools should be the vehicle for "Edible Education" - a curriculum to teach children the connections between our everyday choices about food, our health and the health of our communities, and our planet.

Alice Waters
For some reason, Nicholas Dirks shows up very little in the video clips that remain available for his humanities panel from the Aspen Ideas festival mentioned above.
But found this on the same topic, in depth on the topic for 2.5 hours:

At the beginning 03:00 mark Robert V. Bullough, from BYU,
And at 58:00 mark Christopher Newfield, from UC Santa Barbara. BYU Humanities Center Symposium.
Both professors elaborate on the importance of the Humanities and Higher education.
Q and A section is at the 02:01:00 mark

"Higher Education and the Neoliberal Threat: Fast Time, Place and Identity" &
"What are the Humanites For?" - "Innovation and the Humanities in the 21st Century University"

all under the title of the talk: Innovation and the Future of Humanities

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