Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Leg. to save the day?

Pleasanton Weekly: Bipartisan coalition supports school facilities bond on November ballot

AB 2235 authorizes a $9 billion general obligation bond that, if approved by voters, will provide $6 billion for the construction and rehabilitation of K-12 schools and $3 billion for higher education facilities.
they're writing on the MOOCs and innovation again...

Merced Sun Star Online education push continues at CSUs

Administrators and state officials, however, say innovation in online education remains a priority for the country’s largest university system.

“Udacity was an experiment in a longer and much broader initiative of the CSU engaging in online materials for our students,” said Gerard Hanley, assistant vice chancellor for academic technology services.

What innovation will look like, who will control it and how much it will alter online teaching (which has been a part of CSU offerings for 20 years) remain open questions.

Assembly Bill 46, authored by Richard Pan D-Sacramento, seeks to ensure that the answers to those questions are shaped in part by data about student achievement in online courses.

Daily Cal Congress passes bill to improve access to education for veterans

The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, of which UC Berkeley is a member, sent a letter to some members of Congress in June citing concerns that offering in-state tuition for veterans and their families would add financial strain to public universities. It also stated that individual states should be autonomous in their ability to determine in-state residency status.

Daily Cal: Proposed bill may extend debt forgiveness program to adjunct faculty

While the bill would provide some relief to adjunct faculty reliant on teaching for their entire income, Allan Marks, a lecturer at the Haas School of Business and a partner at Milbank, an international law firm, said the provision would be irrelevant to him, as he has another job.

“There’s no reason to extend ‘public service’ loan relief to adjunct faculty (like me) who teach only part time while being gainfully employed in the private sector,” he said in an email.

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