Friday, August 8, 2014

Models for UC's "guidebook for spinning out innovation and direct investment"?

Cleveland Clinic as an example for UC Start Up Investing? see SF Biz Jrnl: 2 places where University of California may find its startup investing mojo

and is Napolitano trying to bring her U Va alma mater model to UC?
see this section in it:
The 18-member UC Innovation Council assembled by UC President Janet Napolitano includes a number of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Playing a key role in uncovering other institutions' strategies likely will be Mark Crowell, the recently retired executive director of U.Va. Innovation, a 2-1/2-year-old University of Virginia program that links university innovators and potential partners.
and on the President of the UC Regents
NBC Bay Area: Wall Street Likes Gov. Brown's Policies?
The most significant cause of income inequality, according to this document, is an education gap. Those with a college education, the authors find, are more prepared to take advantage of a high-tech, global economy, while those without one are watching lower-skill jobs evaporate before their eyes.
To Gov. Brown’s credit, he has made access to quality education a priority for California’s neediest students.
But is this Wall Street report a ringing endorsement of his platform?
Unequal access to education at the heart of it

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