Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Napolitano and Ferguson, and a round up of other news

Nap moves in her old job and Ferguson come up in this Alex Wagner clip:

Napolitano also comes up in this back and forth on immigration moves during her old job as well
HRC hasn't made any general or specific statement about Ferguson -not even just 'our thoughts are with that community', just nada, why? - Nap hasn't said anything either on Ferguson- silence on important issues seems to be contagious right now among pols:

Fox and Hounds on status of Vergara Appeal

To an astounding degree, prominent California Democrats have so far avoided substantive comment on Judge Rolf Treu’s landmark — but tentative – June 10 ruling in Los Angeles Superior Court that teacher tenure laws are so harmful to minority students in poor neighborhoods that it “shocks the conscience.”
A spokesman for Attorney General Kamala Harris told me repeatedly that the AG’s office wasn’t deciding on whether to appeal. He said Harris would do what her clients wanted. Gov. Jerry Brown and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson are named plaintiffs in the case, and if either or both want to appeal, I was told, Harris would then appeal.

You might recall Napolitano said in multiple previous interviews that she confers with CA AG Harris about Title IX moves etc. though...
CA Affirmative Consent Legislation Gets A Nod From UCOP
and also see there
Americans Want Federal Government More Involved In Campus Sexual Assault Investigations- Poll
Remaking the University: The Latest On The Salaita Case at University of Illinois is now updated with more important new developments in the comments section
remember the UC letterhead practice that came up in this UCB story

it is raised once again here in the Fox News story:
where they write: Some of the letters were written on UCSB letterhead, presumably on university equipment and university time. ”

-is this an ongoing issue unaddressed, a policy that needs to be clarified etc.?
reclaim UC - The Invention of the "Outside Agitator" in Three Graphs
see: The Peppa at UC Davis has another round of important updates on
the CA Supreme Court weigh in on some aftermath of the UC Davis pepper spray
Bee wins legal battle for names of UC Davis officers in pepper spray incident

LA Times Court allows release of officers' names in UC Davis pepper-spray case

UCLA Faculty Blog with more on Napolitano on higher ed in Wash Monthly - and their latest ranking thing

also more: on O'Bannon case
Daily Cal UC Berkeley researchers study connections between violence, protests

Sperling--University of Phoenix and a masters in history from Cal
He received his bachelor’s degree from Reed College and went on to earn his doctorate in 18th-century English mercantile history from UC Berkeley in 1955.

and guess some didn't get the message that the admin has a low tolerance for this sort of stuff now- town/gown folks have 'had it'...
yep they used this kind of headline while the Title IX is hot: 'Getting-By Girls' Straddle Gap Between Academic Winners and Losers
Haas Pavilion to Get $10 Million in Enhancements

Berkeley gave a shake alert

and UC Davis Med helped out too.

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