Friday, August 15, 2014

Napolitano..."while she hasn’t yet taken a position on the legislation, she supports its goals. “We’re still going through it,” she said in an interview last week."

see IHE: Some Colleges Embrace Tepidly Federal Scrutiny On Campus Sexual Assaults

Napolitano has backed separate legislation by Senator Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat, that would require colleges to provide an independent advocate to help victims of sexual assault get the resources they need and help them through any campus proceedings.
“I support the principles of the McCaskill bill, but we are not waiting for federal legislation."
She said that it’s especially important to bolster relationships between campuses and local law enforcement agencies.
"That's one of the areas that have somehow slipped through the cracks in the national debate," she said. "A rape is a rape and universities and colleges are not in the best position to prosecute crimes, so you need to have a way for the campus to have a connection with local district attorneys."
Without taking a stance on the legislation, Napolitano did allude to some concerns that have been expressed from the American Council on Education.
“It’s very difficult for a piece of legislation to appreciate all the differences between institutions of higher education -- big and small, rich and poor, residential, nonresidential,” she said adding that the “lengthy and laborious” rule making process further compounds that problem.
For instance, climate surveys, Napolitano said, are “something that deserves further discussion,” noting that such a tool has both possibilities and also limitations. “That’s the kind of thing where a cookie-cutter approach is not always the best way to look forward.”
Napolitano said that federal policy makers should focus on using their “convening authority” to facilitate the exchange of ideas on how best to combat sexual assault.
“One thing that Washington can do is to support and convene a national exchange of best practices,” she said. “There are evidence-based strategies in this area. They can support research into this area. That’s important. They can provide resources. Those are things that are well within the purview of the federal government.”

Hopefully Dirks does not bring this Columbia approach to Cal:

Columbia University Shuts Out Student Activists In Creation Of New Sexual Assault Policy

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