Thursday, August 7, 2014

On a new, different, more informed ranking system for higher education, and more updates and round up

Changing Universities: A Democracy Index for Higher Education on the creation of a new, different, more informed ranking system for higher education.
UC Berkeley and UNC have had some similar intiatives they've tried to roll out over the last decade and shared in-common consultant advice, so it sometimes is interesting to see what's up on UNC things, here's a sampling:

University Diaries: updates the UNC - Willingham latest events here

and Daily Tar Heel also offers this on it:
Whistleblower Lawsuit Might Move To Federal Court

Experts say the move could mean the University will see a much quicker end to a lawsuit that has painted the nation's oldest public University as a place that retaliates against its employees for sticking up for academic propriety.

“There could be some strategy behind this move, given the sympathy, or lack thereof, that judges in the Eastern district may have towards these claims,” said Christopher Griffin, an assistant law professor at the College of William and Mary who studies employment discrimination law.

“In these sorts of instances over the last five to ten years, many federal district judges have granted summary judgments to the defendants, meaning the case does not go to trial.”

and while there also see:

"Freeze and Cap" Approved By BOG Committee -on the amount of tuition that can be used for need based aid
and another interesting read:
Minding the Workplace - Federal workers: If you blow the whistle, will you get new “office space”?

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