Wednesday, August 27, 2014

“One of the things that works in the regents’ favor is that people don’t understand the finer details about how the government and the UC is run,”

Daily Cal: Confirmation of 4 UC regents Meets Frustration from Students, Faculty

One of the main concerns students and faculty voiced about the confirmation of the nominees was Brown’s failure to consult a 12-member advisory committee in the selection of the regents, which is stipulated in article nine of the state constitution.

“Recent practice has been for governors to ignore that provision and publicly announce their nominations simultaneously with sending a letter of announcement to the advisory committee,” said Joe Kiskis, vice president of external relations of the Council of UC Faculty Associations, at a senate-committee hearing last Wednesday. “The public announcement significantly preceded the letter.”

Following the regents’ confirmation, the University of California Student Association is now considering requesting the formal opinion of the state’s attorney general on the constitutionality of Brown’s actions. The organization also aims to put together a regent-reform package to put on the next ballot.


UC Davis Center for Regional Change and UCSD - and solar power, too -come up in:

Gov. Jerry Brown, Mexico's president talk trade in L.A.

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