Monday, August 4, 2014

'Recess' Roundup

Not just an August Recess For Sacto?:
"California’s Legislature returns to Sacramento as the week begins for its final month in session. And there are plenty of important, or just politically fascinating, debates to watch before lawmakers head home at the end of August for the last time in 2014."

See KQED Blog : Seven Sacramento Debates in August You Won’t Want to Miss
includes legislation related to
'The Impact of Isla Vista Tragedy'
UC and K-12 leg. moves covered in it.
Some UC Ex Officio Regents election 'races' updates:

Oakland Tribune editorial: Give Gavin Newsom another term as ...

See this WaPo article - left wondering is the CA Gov race just stunts and cake walk?

SJ Merc - Berkeley: Nader talk supports post office activists

Nader talked about the giant real estate firm CBRE and its contract with the Postal Service "to sell off postal properties all over the country without competitive bidding."

He also noted the role of Richard Blum, CBRE chair and spouse of U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, claiming, "He can actually deliver some of these (properties) to his business associates -- talk about conflict of interest.

"And he has now amended the contract so he can do his own appraisal. You appraise the property so that you can sell this for less than market value. And then he sells it to his buddies."

Nader pointed out that the Postal Service inspector general issued a "withering" report condemning the practice of the same entity doing both appraisals and sales.

Daily Cal avoided covering the UC Regent link in their article on it here: Ralph Nader visits Berkeley, urges support of historic post office

recall Eastbay Express ran a story on it last year

btw - It did not look like the UC Regents Blum and Pattiz attended the open sessions of the UC Regents meetings in July. Have they been confirmed yet by CA Senate for their new UC Regent appointments?
There's this on Linked Learning in CA regarding CCCs etc.

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