Friday, August 1, 2014

round up. or, a certain alignment of interests? maybe or maybe not.

Brown, Mexican officials sign pacts on higher education, energy
UC Merced Connect: Partnership with Yosemite highlighted during Napolitano visit
McRaven not alone moving into university leadership from outside academia includes:
Napolitano, for instance, has brought a level of visibility to the University of California that faculty and other leaders there say has already been beneficial, said Peter McPherson, president of the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities.

-and, in other comments there, interesting how some of the (anti or pro?) Title IX transparency folks also make positive comments in these other stories about pols, bureaucrats, etc. taking on high profile higher ed leadership positions
Bill Would Require Disclosure Of More College Rape Investigations
"The Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) has a longstanding policy of not publicly disclosing the names of schools it is reviewing under the Clery Act," Nolt wrote in an email. "If a school publicly announces it first, FSA will confirm."

Under the HALT Act, the Education Department would get upward of $5 million in additional funding for investigations, as well as a task force to increase coordination among the agencies within the department handling these cases.

Like the other bills introduced Wednesday, the HALT Act raises the possibility of fining colleges that violate Title IX. But Speier and Meehan's legislation does not stipulate how much a school could be fined. By contrast, one of the other bills introduced Wednesday stipulates that schools would be fined up to 1 percent of an institution's operating budget per Title IX violation.

Took note of this story a while back on a CNN regular contributor as a new executive dean (it was posted on tv as he was interviewed on global issues etc.) and then remembered this series and now its latest:
University of Phoenix barred from enrolling veterans in 7 programs

-wonder if he will talk about it (when CNN airs that Ivory Tower documentary in Fall) would be interesting to hear his thoughts on it.

remember the infographic comparison with UC funding here.

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