Saturday, August 23, 2014

"The NCAA has got to wake up," Newsom says. "They're under assault for good reason -- because they haven't done their jobs. It's the NCAA that needs to truly look in the mirror and take some responsibility."

more on Lt Gov Newsom's interest in aggressive benchmarks for UC and CSU
see Bloomberg: Why Don't Colleges Care About Athletes' Grades?

"Baseball is the reason I got into college -- I'm not naïve about it," he says. "I love sports. I was a beneficiary of that, quite directly. It plays an incredibly valuable role in society and on these campuses."

The NCAA's assertion that "education is a vital part of the college athletics experience" may sound true in theory, but rings hollow in practice given athlete dropout rates, lower grading standards and easy -- or even fake -- "jock classes." Many who disparage the idea of athlete compensation (including the NCAA) proclaim that these "students" should take their scholarship as pay and like it, but the fact is the value of the education they're supposedly receiving keeps diminishing by the semester.

but- see: at the CA Senate Rules Committee Meeting in Sacto Regent Blum and Regent Lozano both mentioned a need to provide tutoring and counseling and support to all UC students not just athletes- in order to improve minority student grad rates in response to CA State Senators questions on it -

Blum said UC provides excellent services to athletes in support of their grad rates but that needs to be broadened out to all the student body--seems a bit of a disconnect among the regents...

or, maybe it is like what another UC regent sometimes says on the admissions topic at the UC Regents meeting: "we can't be all things to all people"

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