Wednesday, August 13, 2014

UC Davis Keyzer Whistleblower Case Decision

see: Davis Vanguard - "Jury Awards Janet Keyzer $730,000 From UC Davis In Whistleblower Retaliation Case"

Finally, the jury ruled that the conduct of the Regents was a substantial factor in causing harm to Ms. Keyzer.
It was September, 2009, when the Vanguard first published the account of Janet Keyzer. The Vanguard ran a follow up story this February when Judge Rudolph Loncke denied a motion in Sacramento Superior Court for summary judgment that would allow the case to go to trial in February – however, the trial was further delayed with a 1600-document dump of late discovery and when the Regents made attorney Mary Alice-Coleman a witness, forcing her to bring on Lawrance Bohm to try the case.
Ms. Keyzer’s disclosures in mid-2007 shut down the $5.5 million pain management study, a project in collaboration with UC San Francisco.
After the project was shut down, Ms. Keyzer was forced to file an internal grievance when she was denied placement in otherwise open and available positions. In response to her grievance, Ms. Keyzer was offered a short-term, non-nursing “contract” job which was terminable at will. She was then repeatedly told that she could not have a “career” appointment because it was contrary to policy, but to “trust” that the University would honor her career rights.
Fearing that she was being retaliated against, Ms. Keyzer hired attorney Mary-Alice Coleman, and was informed that she would be required to release all claims against the university to accept the contract position.
Ms. Keyzer indicated that the “contract” appointment failed to adequately satisfy numerous rights and benefits that were covered by her former “career” appointment, such as requiring good cause prior to termination, pension contributions, reduced tuition, and preferential rehire rights in the event of layoff.
Moreover, Ms. Keyzer specifically requested that actions be taken to address the ostracism and prospective retaliation she feared at UC Davis, as well as discipline be taken against the academic and administrative wrongdoers responsible for the non-compliance.

lots of in depth coverage in the piece read it in full here

There is also a 30+ minute video on the UC Whistleblower's Nightmare here

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