Tuesday, August 26, 2014

well, yes, Yudof didn't come with this

...and after the search to find his replacement the hope that someone with political savvy, stamina (Yudof said someone in their 50s might do for the schedule) and experience as head of a $50+ billion govt budget--all would be good for leading UC toward better managed good times-- that still may or may not come to fruition, who knows. Right now, for some reason there are some important but 'non-UC-centric' Napolitano news pieces popping up from her old jobs.
Mentioned some of the others earlier, and now see this latest from
Center For Investigative Reporting: Data breach mystery leads from Arizona counterterrorism site to China

Napolitano, who went on to serve as President Barack Obama’s secretary of homeland security, did not reply to multiple interview requests. - but she is mentioned throughout the piece, including when they close by mentioning her new position at UC.

September marks her one year anniversary as UC Pres.

And here she is from April with Bloomberg - video She speaks with Stephanie Ruhle at the Milken Institute 2014 Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California, on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." Trish Regan also speaks.

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