Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"After a state audit showed that some campuses were being hurt by this process, the UC decided to let the campuses keep their own tuition dollars, and state dollars were redistributed through a method called “rebenching” to help out the campuses that were historically underfunded. However, the statistics below will show that the problems have only gotten worse for the underfunded campuses."

that's from Changing Universities
The UC Campus Funding Imbalance to read the post...
UCLA Faculty Association
UC Goings on This Week
Remaking the University with their latest
The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois Votes Down the First Amendment (UPDATED)

and The Order of Civility

and The New Brutalism In Higher Education
Daily Cal on State Investigations Findings on Custodian Death at International House

and Daily Cal on the J School at UC Berkeley and tuition moves:

Campus graduate school of journalism may raise costs by more than $10,000

Edward Wasserman, dean of the Graduate School of Journalism, sent an email Friday to students, faculty, alumni and other affiliates of the school alerting them of a $10,250 proposed supplemental fee submitted to the UC Board of Regents, the governing body of the university.

The tuition increase, which would bring in more than $1 million annually, would come in the form of Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition, which, unlike basic tuition, would go directly to the school of journalism.

“What redeems this is the prospect of making a successful career out of this,” Wasserman said. “We’re operating under the assumption that we will produce dazzlingly successful journalists.”
Because the proposal had to be submitted to the regents in August, Wasserman wrote it without faculty approval with the intention of submitting faculty opinion later in the process.

and the Daily Cal has an op ed from Peace and Conflict Studies folks, it reads in part:
What emerges from these documents is a story of duplicity and distortion: IAS administrators have manufactured a crisis for the PACS program, when in fact there was none prior. These documents reveal professional and ethical violations on the part of the IAS administration so great as to prompt a coalition of PACS students and alumni to create a white paper expose in response demanding justice, accountability and transparency. The white paper details the ways in which the IAS administration engaged in suspicious and questionable misconduct and failed to provide the basic resources needed for the PACS program to properly function.

The shameless lack of accountability and flagrant disregard that the university and IAS administrators have displayed toward the review is insulting. Equally disconcerting is the lack of transparency and amount of power wielded by the IAS leadership to simply disregard the recommendations of the review. This trend of ignoring the recommendations laid out bythe program review process has had severe implications for PACS students and the program at large.

We as students have suffered the consequences of negligent administrators for too long. Instead of improving PACS and providing it with the resources it so rightfully deserves, IAS administrators have systematically incapacitated the program and altered it almost beyond recognition.

The recent actions of the IAS administration have demonstrated a cavalier disregard for the PACS program and a failure to properly support this discipline that is so desperately needed in today’s world.

Now, we as the PACS community are making public the mistreatment, neglect and disrespect we have suffered as an academic program for far too long. After enduring the slashing of all of our resources, we as PACS students demand answers and accountability from the administration. Why have you repeatedly chosen to defund, ignore and neglect

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