Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Napolitano On Her 'Frosh' Year , and Berkeley Faculty Association Events September 30 and October 1 reminder

Inside Higher Ed essay: My Freshman Year By Janet Napolitano

she starts off talking about the org. complexity (remember yet to be confirmed UC Regents were told by the CA Senate Rules Committee that 'UC is big, unwieldy' couldn't be used as excuses for persistent lack of policy on admissions and other problems)
--one of the comments at IHE "it is unparalleled self promotion" (the "is this just a springboard,holding place on the way to something more" concerns)
--maybe talk more about the 'big, unwieldy, behemoth'?

see: The New Normal: What does it mean to work at UC today – a BFA sponsored event 9/30/14


The Operation of the Machine: UC Then and Now, A BFA Sponsored Event 10/1/14

Teaching evaluations don't make the mark
Boalt likely to raise tuition?
a billionaire speaker at UCLA takes on a billionaire speaker at UC Berkeley and...

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