Tuesday, September 30, 2014

'reporting' and 'culture and governance'

Pols who sometimes hold ex offico status in higher ed want the 'students to report behavior, bystander interventions on other students'...see:
(btw if one remembers the Faludi, Hoff-Sommers, Paglia conference speaker panels from back in the day-- it seems you don't pronounce the G in Paglia- it has an h sound kinda like how J is pronounced in Spanish -so it's PAH-lia)

Title IX blog with more on that piece of leg

and “It’s On Us” Anti-Sex Assault Program Blames Bystanders"- post points out some things to consider.

In this next clip there is discussion of the existence of a workplace culture where employees didn't think they could report a problem up to their managers, supervisors-- a culture at a place that the now UC Pres ran during the 2011 problem they cover here:

Napolitano does not talk about 'reporting it'- whatever the 'it' might be- the closest she came to taking up the topic was a long while back on Meet The Press when she talked about how she viewed Snowden specifically. She has not made statements to the UC community about how she expects the UC admin to address faculty, staff or students who have to report various problems up the chain within UC. The questions on 'is it a safe space to tell?' remain- it's about 'the culture and governance' that spills over, permeates everything.

It would be good to see her write, speak on this in depth (like Yudof on the First Amendment) instead of these short l'il interviews where she is eager to talk about international issues while not touching on any of the controversies/issues of her old job during her tenure that still linger around. Wish she would just go 'all in' on talking solely about UC policy and ops and in depth - just have the PR folks issue a press release that she isn't running for CA Gov or Holder's position etc.- and keep the focus on UC issues.

Daily Cal Campus Adjunct Professor Jennifer Granholm Considered As Possible Attorney General

Seems she's been in the "senior research fellow at The UC Berkeley Energy and Climate" side of things...
and she was at Dow and then months later she left Dow, not sure where she's at on some things...

but folks are still wondering if Napolitano would take the job- and no one has asked her directly about it (abc local reporter only asked about the CA Gov -see above).

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