Wednesday, September 24, 2014

UC and "major" solar, FSM, more

discussed here in this KPBS coverage University of California Signs Major Solar Deal
SCPR 32 minute radio program on How the UC system will fight sexual misconduct

A bill from California Senator Barbara Boxer makes similar recommendations that would extend to all colleges and universities that receive any federal funding -- most campuses nationwide. "We call for establishing an independent, on-campus advocate to support survivors of sexual assault at every UC campus and frankly every campus in California, and the country," said Boxer.

Boxer honed in on what she describes as "an epidemic," highlighting the fact that "one in five women is assaulted in her lifetime, one in 20 men." She also expressed the need for better prevention and the end of the epidemic, but said that a campus advocate will fill a necessary role in the interim.

Senator Boxer also argued that there is no need to provide an advocate or counselor to the accused, saying, "This is for victims, I don't want to spend taxpayer money giving an advocate to someone who has assaulted someone." Boxer focused on wellness treatment, crisis counseling, and medical resources as part of what the campus advocate would provide for survivors.

But critics of the new recommendations argue that it is unfair not to offer the same education, counseling, or resources to the accused.

Sac Bee The Assembly Higher Education Committee reviews UC Berkeley’s efforts to prevent and respond to campus sexual assaults, 1:45 p.m. at UC Berkeley. and more info on that event here.


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