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UC Regents Call Out CA Senate and Governor--High or Low Lights From UC Regents Wed Session, briefly

So, at UC Regent Wed. morning session there was something called the 'UC Budget 2015-16 presentation' at the 02:50:00 mark and then that led into at the 02:59:00 mark a 'Facts and Myths about UC presentation' in the video here-- which maybe should have been called the Hometurf Rebuttal to the CA Senate Rules Committee and Governor,
(if you don't remember the CA Senate Rules Committee Confirmation Hearing for UC Regents: see this)

After the presentations (at Wed UC Regents morning meeting) -during Q and A- some of the regents (Blum, Gould, Pattiz mostly) said:

-"We have not got this Governor committed to Higher Education"

-(the CA Senate Rules Committee) were a "Hostile Group of State Senators"

-"There's Corruption in Sacramento" (related to lobbying, affecting UC funding decision by CA leg)

-"Our Governor doesn't want to hear about faculty salaries"

-after they said their comments some other regents noted that they wanted to second and third the sentiments. it should be noted that none of the pols who are ex officio were in attendance at the morning meeting. cuz when the pols who are ex officio do attend it's all "Oh Governor we're so glad you're here to give us this feedback" "we know your committed to xyz" "so grateful for your leadership on this"

-Lansing and Kieffer were not in attendance to moderate or maybe tone it down when they got rolling

- Blum also said he hated to name drop but Larry Summers said this to him and Bill Clinton said that to him about Berkeley and UC -- and he'll talk more with Nick about it over lunch-- and, anyway, he is willing to take on the Governor, his friend of forty years cuz he's 'sick of it' (...oh yeah, on like donkey kong...not).

-- the UC Regents also mixed in that they were getting the vapors because VP Patrick Lenz is leaving at the end of the year-Blum said something like 'we'll be in the wilderness without you'- Chair Varner cited Kenny Rogers (Fine Time To Leave Me) Lucille-- but it probably is more about 'know when to hold them, know when to fold them'.
Daily Cal left out/avoided writing about the UC Regents comments listed above, see their coverage here: UC Regents address shortfall of state funding at board meeting Wednesday

and they mention: Governor signs legislation to increase Cal Grant awards
The big takeaway from the Anti Campus Assault (or whatever name they've given to it this round) presentation was that Chancellor Dirks blocked registration for about 500 Cal students because they did not attend the mandatory training. Dirks mentioned it as an example of a need for persistent follow through (guess his staff didn't think he really meant mandatory when he said mandatory??) the 02:22:00 mark

Disturbing Impression I: The lead person on the task force is the UCOP compliance and audit officer for the entire UC system- and in the middle of the presentation she made some comments that she decided (in her mind?) that the student population is the most important population to tend to on this issue-- have no idea how she could think that a proper stance with her systemwide ucop job - but she framed her comments around being the mother of students and a woman. administrators should stop using the 'i have kids who are students so i care' line when the institution is being called out on a long term problem under their leadership. ugh, it was so stereotypical. worse yet, likely not terribly comforting for affected or concerned staff and faculty to hear. The position requires vigilance and policy protections and implementation for all parts of the UC -- in equal measure.

Disturbing Impression II at the 02:25:00 : The other thing that was disturbing in the presentation was that Regent Reiss tried to make statements around the idea that campuses and UCOP were in a policy battle on this like a state vs. fed fight (she must know that there is a fed and state battle on legislation moves on these issues, right?). She mentioned that the campus representatives are resistant to making (e.g. websites) information for victims more uniform so that it is easier for them to access-- the framing had a familiar ring to it like the resistance campuses have/had to UC Path... $220 million dollars ago (btw is UC Path a $220 million project or is it getting ready to be a $280 million project in Jan 2015? And does anybody really believe what they told Regent M in July- that going forward it will likely be just a $5 mil maintenance agreement to Oracle in future years?)

Disturbing Impression III --the discussion on how this interacts with admissions decisions, having people sign 'awareness and consent pledges' and throwing around 'zero tolerance' term was pretty flippantly done at various points.

Anyway, LAT covers it in more than a stream of consci...train of thought,live blogging, run-on sentence

LA Times: UC task force unveils guidelines on fighting campus sexual misconduct

and so does Daily Cal: UC Regents hear from task force on improving sexual assault policies

The positive side of this presentation-- boiled down to the students attempts to really tackle the problems from all sides.
The ex officio alumni regents asked really good questions and noted the taskforce work has a long way to go --that the entire culture and community need to be addressed.
Alumni regent Rodney Davis mentioned he wrote the task force about this NYT article: Harassment in Science, Replicated By Christie Aschwanden

Reflecting back, I’m struck by how ill equipped I was to deal with this kind of situation, especially at 19. My university undoubtedly had a harassment policy, but such resources were thousands of miles away. I was alone in a foreign country and had never received any training on my rights and resources in the field.

I’d forgotten about this experience from two decades ago until I read a report published July 16 in the journal PLOS One. Kathryn Clancy, an anthropologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and three colleagues used email and social media to invite scientists to fill out an online questionnaire about their experiences with harassment and assault at field sites; they received 666 responses, three quarters of them from women, from 32 disciplines, including anthropology, archaeology, biology and geology.
Almost two-thirds of the respondents said they had been sexually harassed in the field. More than 20 percent reported being sexually assaulted. Students or postdoctoral scholars, and women were most likely to report being victimized by superiors. Very few respondents said their field site had a code of conduct or sexual harassment policy, and of the 78 who had dared to report incidents, fewer than 20 percent were satisfied with the outcome.

Anyway..recommend the NYT article to anyone hoping to cling to 'blame it on Athletics, Alcohol, Greek life as the convenient scapegoats' approach on this one.
Also see Daily Cal on: Sexual assault survivors urge governor to sign affirmative consent bill at state capitol
UC regents support renewable energy but not coal and oil divestment
During public comment there were complaints from students who said the renewable energy/divest from fossil fuels taskforce was looking a sham, dismissive of student reps.

And some Title IX student task force members concerned about the anti campus assault task force work was becoming just a big PR stunt w/out proper funding and implementation discussions and agreements.

Also, during public comment there was a statement about the cutting of multiple sports programs at UC Davis and the speaker claimed that it was done by Chancellor Khatehi without community involvement- and questions were raised about whether or not it complied with campus policy.
Didn't even get to the afternoon session of Wednesday's meeting but you can watch that section here. Compliance and audit, management corrective actions session. External audits, etc are also discussed.

And, at the 02:22:00 mark, Chancellor Block made a presentation on NCAA and Pac 12 changes and student athletics etc. Dirks also co-presents with Block on student athletes in high revenue sports, and educational mission. 'Non-cost neutral student athlete initiatives' and a Presidents letter discussed. at 02:33:30 mark Lt. Gov. Newsom showed up for this section of the meeting and had comment and questions on it. Newsom cites stats where UC grad rates for athletes have been "comical" - but his demeanor is serious- and then he says 'let's be serious about the racial components of this, too - which are subtext,profound,disgraceful'. His comments go on for several minutes and are detailed on hours of practice, scholarships, culture and habitual and institutional solutions, stadium financing, more.

UC Regents this week...The video is here

The background docs posted here

same for the Sept 12th Committee Meeting on Investments and more on it here w/ audio clip
Dazed and Confused
and Communication Breakdown

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