Thursday, September 18, 2014

UC Regents Meet Sept 18

view: agenda items and background docs and ways to view. listen to the meeting: here

Thursday, September 18

8:30 am Committee on Compensation (Regents only session)

8:40 am Committee of the Whole (open session - public comment session)

9:00 am Committee on Compensation (open session)

9:15 am Board (open session)

9:30 am Committee on Compensation (open session)

10:15 am Committee on Health Services (open session)

11:15 am Committee on Grounds and Buildings (open session)

11:30 am Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories (open session)

12:00 pm Committee on Governance (open session)

12:05 pm Board (open session)

Times indicated and order of business subject to change

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