Friday, October 31, 2014

Bathtub Rings and Safe Harbors

PNAS on UCSB research:
Fallout plume of submerged oil from Deepwater Horizon
NBC news on it- BP Oil Spill Left Rhode Island Sized Bathtub Ring On Seafloor
remember comments on 'UCB is a Federal University' a few years back -- now UCB is a 'BGC': Berkeley Global Campus: a new, bolder vision for Richmond Bay

In a presentation to the Academic Senate, Dirks unveiled the outlines of the proposed Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay, a reimagining of what was originally planned as a joint “second campus” for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley. In 2013, the Lab lost expected U.S. Department of Energy funding in the wake of federal budget sequestration, leaving development plans for the Richmond Field Station in limbo.

But it also opened the door to the Berkeley Global Campus, or BGC, which Dirks on Wednesday called “a transformational model for expansion of our educational and research activities in a global context.”

“We have the opportunity to become the first American university to establish an international campus in the United States, right here in the East Bay,” he said. Instead of planting the UC Berkeley flag in a foreign country — the standard “export model” for global universities — BGC would be “a new form of international hub where an exclusive group of some of the world’s leading universities and high-tech companies will work side-by-side with us in a campus setting.”

“We talk about a branch campus affording a ‘safe harbor,’” said Dirks, noting that U.S. universities with beachheads in mainland Asia and the Middle East experience “considerable anxiety” when presenting themselves as islands of academic freedom. “Well, this is a safe harbor in a safe harbor.”

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Toll for Young Athletes, Women in all things 'Higher Ed'

see CNN video clip and story here:
Unnecessary roughness? Players Question NCAA's Record On Concussions

and so, why is US Higher Ed just now coming to grips with implications of 35 + yr old Title IX leg. and other higher ed policy etc. --maybe some answers in this other CNN piece

and for another take on the above also read this op ed there, too.

How was he picked? Was the UC Berkeley administration working a wedge in picking him, or not? Can't someone just explain the process? CNN on UC Berkeley overrides or just sticks with their pick.

Also see Admin statement on commencement speaker: In August the “Californians” chose Bill Maher as the speaker for the December commencement ceremony. However, last night the “Californians” reconvened without administration participation and came to a decision that the invitation should be rescinded.

The UC Berkeley administration cannot and will not accept this decision, which appears to have been based solely on Mr. Maher’s opinions and beliefs, which he conveyed through constitutionally protected speech.

Finally, the unfortunate events surrounding the selection of this year’s winter commencement speaker demonstrate the need to develop a new policy for managing commencement ceremonies. The new process will ensure that these events are handled in a manner commensurate with our values and enduring commitment to free speech. We will be announcing the new policy as soon as it is ready.
Daily Cal on Berkeley Lab or LBNL : According to the lab’s workforce data for this year, underrepresented minorities — defined as blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans — make up about 4 percent of research scientists and engineers and 13 percent of all staff. The numbers for women are approximately 16 and 33 percent, respectively.

Minorities also represent about 6 percent of the postdoctoral scientists and 9 percent of the informational, mechanical and electrical engineers. Women make up about 27 percent and 22 percent of the same categories.

Friday, October 24, 2014

'Alpha'-ing and OMG-ing?

Don't some UC Regents and UC Faculty sit on the board to picks who wins?

UC Davis loses bid to land stem cell clinic
UC San Diego Named Stem Cell “Alpha Clinic”

See Sac Bee on: The University of California hosts a day-long conference on enhancing the student experience through technology, starting at 8 a.m. at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, to discuss the ways in which big data, mobile devices and other new trends are changing the delivery of education. UC President Janet Napolitano kicks off the summit with remarks at 9 a.m.

In recent years, Gov. Jerry Brown has pushed the UC and California State University systems to pursue online education. It remains a priority for the governor, even after a high-profile experiment at San Jose State University last summer flopped.

Sac Bee
its reunion time at Yale Law for CA Gov

and LA Times:some of his fellow alums talk about the unexpected ways of governing

don't think there's any S and B involved - but it is late Oct., lol.
UCSF Synapse on Napolitano touting research
- with an evang. kinda headline (??)

UCLA Fac Blog on Napolitano talking about her more difficult previous job : UC Prez Napolitano on Middle East, Immigration, Attorney General Vacancy, Higher Ed

It isn't just UNC-CH with this storyline set of questions that always come up - it looks similar when it happens elsewhere:

the admin didn't know?
the faculty didn't know?
the 'staff' is solely to blame?
the claims of retaliation?

'blind spots' where million$ involved?

It was just everyone assumed everyone could trust everyone else?

and along with other coverage of it--
University Diaries highlights: “Once you start admitting students to be something other than students, are the lofty goals of a research institution not inherently perverted?”

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"The University of California in particular needs to cut lavish salaries paid to bureaucrats, and spend more to develop, attract and retain great teachers."

that is from an op ed in Sac Bee: Jerry Brown has a huge opportunity, assuming he wins his fourth term, and we do
the New Post Bac Revenue Stream? see:
New post-bac at Berkeley may be hottest ticket to grad school
“We get you the right classes with top scientists in their field, the right research experience, personalized advising and, if you do well, genuine, positive letters of recommendation,” Fisher said. “We’re custom-wrapping with a bow on top what you need to get into grad school.”

and UCLA Fac Blog had this on Prop 2 Now, Props 1 and 2 ads feature some Cal folk - Tyson from Haas

Brown’s message goes to what his team calls a “core California narrative” — “our schools and water project built our wealth, and made us great.”

Another spot called “Roller Coaster” stars Tyson, the former chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. She says that “the roller coaster in California always seems to go up and down between boom and bust.” The two ballot measures, she says, “smooth out the ride.”

Friday, October 17, 2014

Video: Teach In On Free Speech Movement At UC Berkeley From October 14th

and text of the talks available here.

So, $25 million?

There's the $4.5 mil that LA Times details here and they add in- as an update at the end- that there have been $20 mil in lab improvements as a result. And the $500,000 scholarship. Why so many improvements etc. needed if things were just great and as they should be?-If it was indeed just a worker's error??-Remember, UCLA's "the DA cannot win"comments? $25 mil+ to that 'accident'?

It was, according to earlier accounts, a summer job to help pay for Boalt/Berkeley Law. She was headed to Boalt in the Fall of that same year- that detail sometimes gets lost in the coverage.

Also recall this Voice of OC piece on:
'UC funded lawyers' and 'parallel tactics'- and it discusses attempts at presenting "UC system is a sovereign entity".

Thursday, October 16, 2014

that's where it goes

Star Tribune with:
University of California, Los Angeles paid nearly $4.5 million to fight criminal lab fire case
Article by: Associated Press
UC Grants to Medical Centers Expected To Generate 5-to-1 Return

About $7.3 million in grants awarded by the University of California's Center for Health Quality and Innovation are expected to generate about $40 million in net financial gain in 2016, according to a UC report,
UC Davis chooses CFO from GW.
Napolitano likens UC to ...Troy.
this on the Pres of the UC Regents and a 'fixed' CA fantasy

Now that Brown has balanced the budget, Meyerson writes, "Legislators no longer have to make further cuts to programs they support; no more teachers will be laid off for lack of funds; tuition at the University of California and state colleges will cease its dizzying ascent."

-will it?
and there's this fwiw

Daily Cal covered it here

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

..." in fact, the reporter who wrote that story no longer works for the Los Angeles Times, following a retraction of one of his stories and questions about an apparent conflict of interest."

First see Cal students op ed: Sexual Assault Will Not Be Solved By Public Relations

Now remember Jason Felch?...- the Chasing Aphrodite guy who was looking into Title IX and all kinds of stuff happened, remember all the SF LA intrigue going on behind the scenes detailed out in The Wrap mentioned at LA Weekly, Washington Post, and at Columbia Journalism Review .

Anyway, he is mentioned in this UC Berkeley PR admin response: Combat Sexual Assault, Not Administration

-- Is UC Berkeley now claiming to have problems with that Felch article, too?

Another op ed It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Daily Bruin: Block speaks on vice chancellor position, Title IX investigation

... Block said he did not know if there are any specific new resources in response to the figures, but that he could get back to the board with specifics in the future.
Two discrimination prevention officers have been hired recently, though Block said he did not know their names off the top of his head.
Dirks addresses student-athletes at fireside chat
Remaking the University- On Sympathy and Professionalism and their FSM series there.
UC Regent Lansing comes up in this documentary on women in Hollywood-

- she discusses the feminist outrage over the development of a character named Alex from an ol' movie called Fatal Attraction. It was odd to hear that she did not anticipate the negative reaction given her history of reading scripts etc. Anyway, she makes comments at various points in the documentary regarding the challenges of a 'Hollywood career' for women.

Remember the days when it was first and foremost-- a famous horse?

guess that was a looonng time ago...

Remaking the University guest post: Free Speech Is Not For Feeling Safe by Prof. Wendy Brown.
From a UCLA Fac Blog contributor Mitchell’s Musings 10-6-14: Dialogue or Balance in the Ivory Tower?
and since it comes up in the above, there's: What We Talk About When We Talk About Trigger Warnings
I don't find trigger warnings particularly useful, but our conversations about them tell me a lot about what we think about trauma survivors.
and (a flashback to a Meranze link) from Chronicle Higher Ed: This Is a Trigger Warning
horrible news
more disturbing news.

UC's' Wealthmericans' from the 'Poverty Center' board at UCB and a UCLA Med spot...more.

came up recently on Colbert:

h/t UD on that one - but read her post on some other trustees who "closed the academic senate".

see: This interview where an almost Aslan points an almost Cameron Crowe toward the stare decisis realm?, tuna melts and such?:

Let’s do one more question, and then I’ve got to call England.

Okay. What is life about?
Fucking hell. [Opens door, yells at manager.] What is life about? What should I tell him? A tuna melt?

It might be. Life might be about a tuna melt.
[Pause.] That’s a fucking weird question, man. It’s a very funny question.

....and then eventually,
In Latin, it’s quieta non movere.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

What Version This Time Around?

the President of the UC Regents, here's one view with some up close historical perspective:

Yet Brown vetoed these two bills, saying that they were unnecessary regulation.
Now that Brown is governor, he is much less of a reformer than he was when he was running for governor in 1974. As a reformer, he was innovative and persistent, and railed against a Legislature that wouldn’t enact his reform bills. As governor, he now has become the roadblock to meaningful reforms passed by the Legislature.
However, had he put the bills he vetoed on the ballot, the reform legislation would have gotten the same 70 percent approval by the electorate that Proposition 9 received in June 1974. As usual, Jerry Brown remains unpredictable.
by Robert M. Stern is principal co-author of the California Political Reform Act of 1974, the first general counsel of the Fair Political Practices Commission and past president of the Center for Governmental Studies.

See SF Gate: What happened to Jerry Brown, the reformer we once knew?
By Robert M. Stern

It is also an ex officio UC Regent position- seeDaily Cal: Candidate for state superintendent of public instruction visits UC Berkeley

According to a recent field poll, Tuck has a marginal lead ahead of Torlakson — he polled at 31 percent, while Torlakson polled at 28 percent. Forty-one percent of respondents had no opinion.

If elected, Tuck, who was the CEO of Partnership for Los Angeles Schools and former president of Green Dot Public schools, said he aims to engage parents and increase the use of technology in classrooms.
He also aims to refine college preparedness curriculum, reform teacher hiring and evaluation practices and allow local schools more flexibility. In particular, he said he would work to modernize the tenure law.
He criticized Torlakson for upholding the status quo in Sacramento.

It's interesting cuz: Jerry Brown endorses exercise, mum on Torlakson, PUC

Also Daily Cal:
Journalism school faculty votes to lower proposed fee increase

Changing Universities with Defending Scholarship

and on the Lick Observatory and that other Mauna Kea telescope in HI covered here

and more on the O'Bannon happenings
Title IX Blog- Title IX Invoked in Early Efforts to Protect Rights of Female Athletes at Alabama, Berkeley

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Complaints regarding job-role clarity also approximately doubled from 20 to 39 percent over the same period. The office noted that employees who reported issues about their job role had often not received revised or current job descriptions, which prompted disagreements over appropriate responsibilities. The report appears on the heels of UC Berkeley’s initiation of the Operational Excellence program. The program works to generate revenue and cut campus costs through streamlining staff, resources and services."

How to trust the $72.6 million figure-- if simple things like current job descriptions are not up to date?

see Daily Cal: Campus’ Staff Ombuds Office Releases Biennial Report

Napolitano's Future Conversation with a Re-Elected Gov. Brown

on his veto of $50 million deferred maintenance and the cost of educating a student--discussed here Highlander: Transcript of Napolitano Interview with student campus newspapers

But I thought that rather than call him the day after the veto, I would keep my powder dry. I suspect he will be re-elected in a couple of weeks and there’ll be plenty of time for a conversation then.
LA Times has multiple stories on the race and some musings by some of his old friends regarding the latest leg signed and unsigned.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Napolitano on Common Core, more

With the recent shift to the new Common Core standards in California's K-12 public schools, UC has agreed to revise its admissions process. What are your thoughts on the standards?

Common Core first arose when I was a governor out of the National Governors Association. It originally came from the Republican governors, who felt our students were not getting the basics. They were for it before they were against it, and they weren’t against it until the Department of Education and the Obama Administration took it on. Then they said you are federalizing education in the wrong way.

It’s such an example of pure partisan politics overtaking policy and losing sight of what this is about. What it’s about is trying to make sure that every young person in this country has access to certain standards of education that don’t preclude them from going and getting a higher education, which is the leading vehicle that we have to cure the income inequality gap.

see New America Media: Q&A: A Year In, Napolitano Uncovering Treasures of UC

Dirks and Thrun on Online Education

Access to online education has the potential to democratize education and skill advancement around the world. In what ways and for whom has online education been most successful so far? What are the platform's limitations and where are the gaps? Please join us for a discussion of online education’s potential role in preparing a global labor force for the knowledge economy of the 21st century.

The discussion features Nicholas B. Dirks, Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, and Sebastian Thrun, Co-Founder and CEO of Udacity.

Quentin Hardy, Deputy Technology Editor of The New York Times, moderates the conversation.

Daily Cal coverage of the event here

..."when HR directors were asked whether their institutions have "appropriate job security and due process protections" for adjunct instructors. Last year, 45 percent of chief HR officers agreed that they did so; this year, the percentage dropped to 37 percent. The drops are even sharper among public university HR officers, as seen" ...

see IHE: Adjuncts, Retirements and Sexual Harassment: A Survey of Campus HR Leaders
Human resources directors are only partially responsible for their institutions' policies on adjunct professors, as academic affairs units and individual departments also play a role, not to mention senior administrators who expect departments to staff certain numbers of sections with declining tenure-track positions.

It's one of Meranze's links here.
There's UCLA Fac blog post that leaves one asking "but what about her legacy?". Also, this:
Do the UCs need more money?


Do you know how much?


read the post and the article for more on that...
The "little substance" of AB 2377?
Some at Stanford think UC is really empty of specifics on policy regarding campus safety issues: see the video at this link it runs for about 9 minutes. It begins at the 8:50 mark and ends at 17:00 mark.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dirks: "In the US context, this means that globalisation cannot be the “Americanisation” of world universities, but the global transformation of the US university itself."

Berkeley’s Forecast: Sunshine After the Storm

and: In my view, our public ethos positions us to lead in the global domain, too. We will find new ways to bring our research collaborations and educational partnerships back home, in part by connecting better with the global marketplace for education and research, and in part by bringing these connections to bear on our immediate locality through the development of a global “branch” campus in Richmond Bay, just north of Berkeley’s main campus.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Napolitano's "Very Public Nudge To The CA Governor"

Napolitano: "I think our chief challenge remains and is Sacramento and the budget. I just know it and I see it. I am not sure I quite understand why, but we gotta keep workin' at it."

and on admissions Napolitano claims "misperception" at work and acknowledges:
“We don’t actually have a policy, we don’t have a cap, we don’t have anything like that,” she says. “It’s become such a sensitive issue and important issue that I think we need some rules of the road moving forward.”

NBC Bay Area

See the article that accompanies the video clip here: Class Action: UC's President Reflects on Her First Year

Friday, October 3, 2014

"The reports for 2013 were due Wednesday, though some colleges did not immediately post them online."

see Sac Bee: Sac Bee on this year's Clery Act numbers for UC
also this today at Sac Bee: Buried in the stack of bill-signing news these last couple of weeks was Gov. Jerry Brown OKing a measure clarifying that all U.S. veterans qualify for in-state tuition in California. The legislation conforms California to a recent federal charge seeking to expand college access for vets. The topic may come up during a conference on public higher education for veterans, hosted by the California Department of Veterans Affairs, at Irvine Valley College this morning.

UCLA Fac Blog with this latest on 'comparisons' of the value of individual faculty research and compensation decisions at the B-school: Point-Counterpoint at Anderson on Female/Male Pay Ratio

Thursday, October 2, 2014

What Would Ron Takaki Make Of It?

that's mostly what comes to mind reading:

Reclaim UC with: UC Irvine Chancellor Gillman gets on the Civility Bandwagon "Free Speech and Civility"

and they also have a post of a presentation "After The Freeze UC Privatization Since 2012" from a recent FSM event it covers privatization and UC Berkeley real estate decisions at the future Richmond satellite campus, more.
there is this HuffPo post on Gov. Jerry Brown and how some in higher ed view his innovation awards program

University Diaries points to the Salaita matter and: "“The present primacy of public relations in the management of universities, the view that they must ingratiate themselves with the public, and in particular with the most wealthy and influential portions of it, the doctrine that a university may properly frame its policies in order to get money and that it may properly teach or study whatever it can get financed — these notions are ruinous to a university in any rational conception of it.”

And UD on a somewhat different version of what happened to (the oracle-ing of) Lanai.
He did this talk a couple of times:

Hang Ten...'Ten Toes Takaki'

Napolitano on Immigration Reform, confronting 'failure', campus safety, more

in: her interview with Carlos Watson, CEO of OZY here in his post at NPR

Do Not Miss...The video for the section where she talks about campus safety issues and her own recruitment to the UC Pres: available here at this link.

Leg. moves and more --Christian Science Monitor takes up the Santa Barbara IV Aftermath

Napolitano and Granholm on Women and Silicon Valley, STEM,Tech, Politics

Politico: Janet Napolitano, Jennifer Granholm: Tough for women in tech

Napolitano, who is now president of the University of California system, suggested she would consider moves to encourage transparency in the tech industry. She pledged at the event to inquire as to whether the University of California could demand that investment firms receiving money from the school system disclose their employment figures.
But it isn’t only the tech industry that needs more women, Granholm said.

They are joined by Vivek Wadhwa and a moderator.

Also see: The section where Napolitano speaks specifically about women in STEM here in this clip at this link

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

More On That CCC $10,000 BA Degree

From former Daily Cal now US News and World Report's Allie Bidwell on The $10,000 Community College BA California is the latest state to allow community colleges to offer select bachelor's degree programs.

As employers are increasingly looking for college-educated workers to fill lower level jobs, community colleges are stepping up to the plate to meet those workforce demands.

Financial Aid as the bandage for future Tuition Hikes and other things

Daily Cal: Napolitano said even if tuition increases, student financial aid is robust and not anticipated to change, and she pointed to the 55 percent of California-resident UC students who pay no tuition.

[UCOP is the equivalent of a campus -that's what Napolitano said about UCOP when she talked about Global Food Initiative rollout and the reinstatement of ANR there,

and Senior UCOP officials are considered the 'equivalent' of Chancellors-- those were the terms used by the committee chair at the July UC Regents meeting when UCOP officials received raises during comp committee...

But Regent Blum made the point to CA Senate Rules committee that 'we don't teach anything in Oakland-OP'-- he has also said that several times at UC Regents meetings for years.]

and, wait for it: --
"She spoke specifically about the efforts to address sexual assault on campus, mentioning that these kinds of student-centered movements do not begin in the UC Office of the President.

“We will do all we can from UCOP to support education efforts, to support training, to support awareness — and cultural sensitivity awareness in particular — but we cannot do this from Oakland,” Napolitano said. “This really has to be grassroots among the students themselves with the support of Oakland.”

(That means UCOP threw the hot potato back at the campuses. The question of 'What is UCOP?' -still yet to be answered.)

Then there's attaching reporting of Campus Assaults to the Cal Grant Program --see Daily Cal

Gatto introduced the legislation after several high-profile universities, including the University of Southern California and UC Berkeley, were accused by students of mishandling sexual assault cases such as by allegedly underreporting the number of incidents to appear safer.

“This isn’t just a women’s issue, and we can’t keep viewing it through that lens,” said co-author of the bill Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal in an emailed statement. “All of us expect our college campuses to be safe places for students, and yet when it comes to preventing sexual assault, they’re dropping the ball.”