Friday, October 31, 2014

Bathtub Rings and Safe Harbors

PNAS on UCSB research:
Fallout plume of submerged oil from Deepwater Horizon
NBC news on it- BP Oil Spill Left Rhode Island Sized Bathtub Ring On Seafloor
remember comments on 'UCB is a Federal University' a few years back -- now UCB is a 'BGC': Berkeley Global Campus: a new, bolder vision for Richmond Bay

In a presentation to the Academic Senate, Dirks unveiled the outlines of the proposed Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay, a reimagining of what was originally planned as a joint “second campus” for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley. In 2013, the Lab lost expected U.S. Department of Energy funding in the wake of federal budget sequestration, leaving development plans for the Richmond Field Station in limbo.

But it also opened the door to the Berkeley Global Campus, or BGC, which Dirks on Wednesday called “a transformational model for expansion of our educational and research activities in a global context.”

“We have the opportunity to become the first American university to establish an international campus in the United States, right here in the East Bay,” he said. Instead of planting the UC Berkeley flag in a foreign country — the standard “export model” for global universities — BGC would be “a new form of international hub where an exclusive group of some of the world’s leading universities and high-tech companies will work side-by-side with us in a campus setting.”

“We talk about a branch campus affording a ‘safe harbor,’” said Dirks, noting that U.S. universities with beachheads in mainland Asia and the Middle East experience “considerable anxiety” when presenting themselves as islands of academic freedom. “Well, this is a safe harbor in a safe harbor.”

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