Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"I am here, in part as a token, one of less than twenty black women faculty on a campus of more than 1400." - faculty numbers...

that partial quote from this post: The Free Speech Movement and The Unfinished Work of Civil Rights At UC Berkeley
Is former UC Pres Mark Yudof's Lumina group (i.e. Lumina Foundation he works with) just ..."sending more checklists to senior managers."?
CHE: The 5 Least-Flattering Details in Report on San Jose State’s Tech Spending
and SJ Merc with more on it.
San Jose State is spending $28 million on high-tech communications systems worthy of a campus of the future -- but an investigation by this newspaper shows the project was crafted largely in secret, purchased without competitive bids and adorned with pricey gadgets that many professors may not even use.

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