Monday, October 6, 2014

Napolitano on Common Core, more

With the recent shift to the new Common Core standards in California's K-12 public schools, UC has agreed to revise its admissions process. What are your thoughts on the standards?

Common Core first arose when I was a governor out of the National Governors Association. It originally came from the Republican governors, who felt our students were not getting the basics. They were for it before they were against it, and they weren’t against it until the Department of Education and the Obama Administration took it on. Then they said you are federalizing education in the wrong way.

It’s such an example of pure partisan politics overtaking policy and losing sight of what this is about. What it’s about is trying to make sure that every young person in this country has access to certain standards of education that don’t preclude them from going and getting a higher education, which is the leading vehicle that we have to cure the income inequality gap.

see New America Media: Q&A: A Year In, Napolitano Uncovering Treasures of UC

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