Friday, October 17, 2014

So, $25 million?

There's the $4.5 mil that LA Times details here and they add in- as an update at the end- that there have been $20 mil in lab improvements as a result. And the $500,000 scholarship. Why so many improvements etc. needed if things were just great and as they should be?-If it was indeed just a worker's error??-Remember, UCLA's "the DA cannot win"comments? $25 mil+ to that 'accident'?

It was, according to earlier accounts, a summer job to help pay for Boalt/Berkeley Law. She was headed to Boalt in the Fall of that same year- that detail sometimes gets lost in the coverage.

Also recall this Voice of OC piece on:
'UC funded lawyers' and 'parallel tactics'- and it discusses attempts at presenting "UC system is a sovereign entity".

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