Thursday, October 16, 2014

that's where it goes

Star Tribune with:
University of California, Los Angeles paid nearly $4.5 million to fight criminal lab fire case
Article by: Associated Press
UC Grants to Medical Centers Expected To Generate 5-to-1 Return

About $7.3 million in grants awarded by the University of California's Center for Health Quality and Innovation are expected to generate about $40 million in net financial gain in 2016, according to a UC report,
UC Davis chooses CFO from GW.
Napolitano likens UC to ...Troy.
this on the Pres of the UC Regents and a 'fixed' CA fantasy

Now that Brown has balanced the budget, Meyerson writes, "Legislators no longer have to make further cuts to programs they support; no more teachers will be laid off for lack of funds; tuition at the University of California and state colleges will cease its dizzying ascent."

-will it?
and there's this fwiw

Daily Cal covered it here

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