Friday, October 3, 2014

"The reports for 2013 were due Wednesday, though some colleges did not immediately post them online."

see Sac Bee: Sac Bee on this year's Clery Act numbers for UC
also this today at Sac Bee: Buried in the stack of bill-signing news these last couple of weeks was Gov. Jerry Brown OKing a measure clarifying that all U.S. veterans qualify for in-state tuition in California. The legislation conforms California to a recent federal charge seeking to expand college access for vets. The topic may come up during a conference on public higher education for veterans, hosted by the California Department of Veterans Affairs, at Irvine Valley College this morning.

UCLA Fac Blog with this latest on 'comparisons' of the value of individual faculty research and compensation decisions at the B-school: Point-Counterpoint at Anderson on Female/Male Pay Ratio

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