Wednesday, October 15, 2014

UC's' Wealthmericans' from the 'Poverty Center' board at UCB and a UCLA Med spot...more.

came up recently on Colbert:

h/t UD on that one - but read her post on some other trustees who "closed the academic senate".

see: This interview where an almost Aslan points an almost Cameron Crowe toward the stare decisis realm?, tuna melts and such?:

Let’s do one more question, and then I’ve got to call England.

Okay. What is life about?
Fucking hell. [Opens door, yells at manager.] What is life about? What should I tell him? A tuna melt?

It might be. Life might be about a tuna melt.
[Pause.] That’s a fucking weird question, man. It’s a very funny question.

....and then eventually,
In Latin, it’s quieta non movere.

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