Thursday, October 9, 2014

What Version This Time Around?

the President of the UC Regents, here's one view with some up close historical perspective:

Yet Brown vetoed these two bills, saying that they were unnecessary regulation.
Now that Brown is governor, he is much less of a reformer than he was when he was running for governor in 1974. As a reformer, he was innovative and persistent, and railed against a Legislature that wouldn’t enact his reform bills. As governor, he now has become the roadblock to meaningful reforms passed by the Legislature.
However, had he put the bills he vetoed on the ballot, the reform legislation would have gotten the same 70 percent approval by the electorate that Proposition 9 received in June 1974. As usual, Jerry Brown remains unpredictable.
by Robert M. Stern is principal co-author of the California Political Reform Act of 1974, the first general counsel of the Fair Political Practices Commission and past president of the Center for Governmental Studies.

See SF Gate: What happened to Jerry Brown, the reformer we once knew?
By Robert M. Stern

It is also an ex officio UC Regent position- seeDaily Cal: Candidate for state superintendent of public instruction visits UC Berkeley

According to a recent field poll, Tuck has a marginal lead ahead of Torlakson — he polled at 31 percent, while Torlakson polled at 28 percent. Forty-one percent of respondents had no opinion.

If elected, Tuck, who was the CEO of Partnership for Los Angeles Schools and former president of Green Dot Public schools, said he aims to engage parents and increase the use of technology in classrooms.
He also aims to refine college preparedness curriculum, reform teacher hiring and evaluation practices and allow local schools more flexibility. In particular, he said he would work to modernize the tenure law.
He criticized Torlakson for upholding the status quo in Sacramento.

It's interesting cuz: Jerry Brown endorses exercise, mum on Torlakson, PUC

Also Daily Cal:
Journalism school faculty votes to lower proposed fee increase

Changing Universities with Defending Scholarship

and on the Lick Observatory and that other Mauna Kea telescope in HI covered here

and more on the O'Bannon happenings
Title IX Blog- Title IX Invoked in Early Efforts to Protect Rights of Female Athletes at Alabama, Berkeley

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