Thursday, October 2, 2014

What Would Ron Takaki Make Of It?

that's mostly what comes to mind reading:

Reclaim UC with: UC Irvine Chancellor Gillman gets on the Civility Bandwagon "Free Speech and Civility"

and they also have a post of a presentation "After The Freeze UC Privatization Since 2012" from a recent FSM event it covers privatization and UC Berkeley real estate decisions at the future Richmond satellite campus, more.
there is this HuffPo post on Gov. Jerry Brown and how some in higher ed view his innovation awards program

University Diaries points to the Salaita matter and: "“The present primacy of public relations in the management of universities, the view that they must ingratiate themselves with the public, and in particular with the most wealthy and influential portions of it, the doctrine that a university may properly frame its policies in order to get money and that it may properly teach or study whatever it can get financed — these notions are ruinous to a university in any rational conception of it.”

And UD on a somewhat different version of what happened to (the oracle-ing of) Lanai.
He did this talk a couple of times:

Hang Ten...'Ten Toes Takaki'

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