Monday, October 6, 2014

..."when HR directors were asked whether their institutions have "appropriate job security and due process protections" for adjunct instructors. Last year, 45 percent of chief HR officers agreed that they did so; this year, the percentage dropped to 37 percent. The drops are even sharper among public university HR officers, as seen" ...

see IHE: Adjuncts, Retirements and Sexual Harassment: A Survey of Campus HR Leaders
Human resources directors are only partially responsible for their institutions' policies on adjunct professors, as academic affairs units and individual departments also play a role, not to mention senior administrators who expect departments to staff certain numbers of sections with declining tenure-track positions.

It's one of Meranze's links here.
There's UCLA Fac blog post that leaves one asking "but what about her legacy?". Also, this:
Do the UCs need more money?


Do you know how much?


read the post and the article for more on that...
The "little substance" of AB 2377?
Some at Stanford think UC is really empty of specifics on policy regarding campus safety issues: see the video at this link it runs for about 9 minutes. It begins at the 8:50 mark and ends at 17:00 mark.

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