Thursday, November 6, 2014

5% Tuition Hike at UC?, UC and Podunk U. -- The Power of an OP VP?

Napolitano and Varner: It is important to note that even with a 5% increase, UC tuition is currently thousands of dollars lower than comparable public universities across the nation and is roughly 1/3 of the cost of private universities such as Stanford and Harvard.
As the state economic picture improves, we are hopeful that the state will raise its investment in UC. If this occurs, it may allow us to adjust tuition by a smaller amount or allow it to remain flat over the course of the five-year period.

see: the roundup on tuition hike talk at UCLA Fac Blog

and HuffPo AP offer it as 'consideration'

Tuition at the University of California's 10 campuses would increase by as much as 5 percent in each of the next five years under a plan UC President Janet Napolitano is expected to present to the system's governing board Thursday.

The proposal follows three years in which tuition rates have remained frozen. It would increase the average annual cost of a UC education for California residents pursuing undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees in academic as opposed to professional disciplines from $12,192 to up to $12,804 next fall and $15,564 in fall 2019, according to a copy of the plan provided in advance to The Associated Press.

Napolitano said the five-year framework fulfills a goal she set when she assumed the president's office last year of making "modest" tuition hikes a predictable part of the university's budget so families and campuses can know what to expect and plan accordingly.

apparently UCOP gave early access to AP on upcoming UC Regent agenda item not yet posted for the public here.

Now that we are in post election time -- will the President of the UC Regents/Gov. begin attending UC Regents meetings again?

see NBC LA:He is talking about his legacy, the next four years, his bootstraps ancestry, and a seat vacancy in a few years -- and interest in INSTRUCTION.

also Calbuzz Election Post-Mortem: We’ve Seen This Movie Before

Visalia Times - Delta Student debt-relief bill all promise, no delivery

Updated New multiple post election and higher ed links at Remaking the University see right hand column
this stuck out in this SJ Merc piece:
Why UC changed its mind about funding Lick Observatory

Insiders credit several factors with UC's decision to continue support. One is the arrival of respected UC Santa Barbara physicist Michael Witherell as the provost's special assistant for UC astronomy. Another is the departure of Steven Beckwith, the former UC vice president of research and graduate studies, who favored space-based instruments over ground-based telescopes, such as those at Lick.

And, also see this in Cal alumni pub: on a Starry, Starry Fight
“Lick is a sacrificial lamb,” Filippenko told us at the time. “$1.5 million is not a lot to pay for all (Lick does), and is a drop in the bucket of UC’s $23 billion annual operating budget. Just about every ‘Podunk U’ has at least one relatively small telescope for student use, training and research.

“Is the great UC really going to stoop lower than Podunk U?”

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