Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brown and UC officials "have a fundamentally different vision of what the university should be."

that's in LA Times referencing Daily Cal earlier piece: As UC Regents Debate Tuition Hike Brown May Hold Sway

it is also important to note in the above piece that UC has now pivoted to differentiating itself from the other two segments unlike its PR approach last year:
UC leaders note that the research institution is unlike California's two other public higher education systems — Cal State and community colleges.

This other interesting piece today raises-- Is it a 'CA state-wide and UC system-wide' or 'campus and local' questions... see: Davis Vanguard on shared services agreement at UCD
updated more new links:

Remaking the University Hiking to Nowhere-UCOP Doubles Down On Losing Strategy
Success Fees rollback at CSU? - note what sounds like the faculty so long as everybody is getting a raise off it -we're cool stance

that same stance echoed in this LA Times piece:UC goes on offensive to sell tuition increase as opposition builds

-but is that stance a good one, will it go to raises or elsewhere?? note how unions successful negotiations of new contracts are brought up/tied in a different way w/in that piece, too.

and more on the interest in rolling back success fees here in this LA Times Op Ed
Time: Why College Costs Keep Eating Up More Of Your Paycheck

A recovery in state budgets has put tuition inflation on pause in many states, she says. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that tuition hyperinflation won’t return. “We will again at some point experience tighter state budgets,” Baum warns.

In fact, in an ominous sign, some college leaders are already pushing for tuition hikes in 2015. Janet Napolitano, president of the University of California system, last week requested permission to raise tuition by 5% a year for the next five years.

The latest on the new staff in the new UCOP CIO group

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