Sunday, November 2, 2014

Eve of Election- Weekend Roundup

See Sac Bee on Pres of UC Regents and CA Gov. Jerry Brown, weary of agenda questions, dares reporter to ‘print half of what I say’

He discussed education challenges ranging from the common core curriculum to tuition rates at universities.
-- then they don't include what he said on CA higher ed in the story -nor in the video clip they link to, why??
Also see this earlier: Are we failing to invest in genius as a public asset?

Since 2000, the state has slashed per-student spending at the UCs from $15,740 per student to $8,260. The teenager who could count on the state then to cover 72 percent of the cost of his or her education now can expect the state’s share to be only 42 percent – less than the student’s.

Not that UC spending shouldn’t be watched – talk about bloated administration – but at prices like that, it’s hard to claim that California’s public universities are even still public.

In fact, to make up for the loss in state spending, the UCs have had to dramatically ramp up admissions of lucrative out-of-state students. At UCLA and Berkeley, about 30 percent of enrollment this year is from outside California; at UC San Diego, it’s 28 percent; at UC Davis, 19 percent are out-of-staters.

And while state lawmakers don’t like it, they seem unable or unwilling to do much about it.

Napolitano in Politico: “Former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano – considered a long-shot candidate to replace Eric Holder as attorney general – stressed Monday that she plans to stay in her current job “for a long time” but didn’t rule out returning to Washington.
When asked Monday whether she was interested in being Holder’s successor at the Justice Department, Napolitano chuckled.
Let me put it this way,” Napolitano, the current president of the University of California, said in a phone interview. “I think I’ve got one of the best jobs in public service, and I intend to hold it for a long time.”

UC Merced's 2020 project updates news here -on building for 10,000 students.
There's Romer and Romer vs. Reinhart and Rogoff
can only wish-- All the best to the Bears covered in this story!
And, just to round it out -maybe 'born in Berkeley' Ben Affleck for May Commencement?

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