Monday, November 10, 2014

Excellent Mess

Op Ex and Shared Services years and years goin' on that initiative, yet:
Campus Shared Services gets new leader, aims to tackle criticism

In a campus memo Tuesday, administrative officials acknowledged CSS’s communication and training shortcomings. Yet, the OEPO is still on track to meet its annual $75 million savings goal, and campus officials are optimistic the initiative can improve efficiency.

“(The memo) … suggests that the problems are smaller than I really think they are,” said Academic Senate Chair Panos Papadopoulos, who conducted a recent survey of faculty opinions of CSS that garnered “overwhelmingly negative” responses. “We all want to save money on administration costs. But the current state of affairs is flat-out unacceptable.”

Faculty raised concerns that the ongoing staff realignment could reduce funding for research and displace vitally needed staff, according to Rosen. These fears have been exacerbated by a perceived lack of communication on the part of CSS, she said.

“If (OEPO) want to have faculty participate in more positive, collaborative ways with them, they’ll have to be more transparent about what (the) actual problems are,” said Rosen.

Remember in 2013 that piece on The Power of 10? How UCSB is being Screwed or the SB Independent piece on
UC Doesn't Care

well, here it is again in 2014 for 2015, and maybe on and on...

UC HealthCare: What's Coming in 2015 "What's coming are price hikes--big ones in UC Care."
and, Daily Cal : Tuition plan comes in wake of history of state disinvestment

Since Gov. Peter Wilson, four compacts have been made with the university, each a four-year agreement, including the most recent by Brown. Only Wilson’s, from 1995 to 1999, was carried all the way through, with the compacts of Gov. Gray Davis and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ending after two years because of budget crises, according to Lenz.

With each compact have come more expectations for university improvement, Lenz said, from increasing enrollment to improving time-to-degree. But in the last two decades, the university has seen a dramatic decline in state funding, with current funding $460 million below what it was eight years ago, despite enrollment growth.

This leads to increasing state expectations for university improvement — but actual funding doesn’t really increase and can even decrease, Lenz said.

“Clearly, this has kind of been a battle with the Department of Finance and with the governor’s assumptions,” Lenz said.

(ps seem to recall Lenz announced at Sept UC Regents meeting that he is leaving the UC in December)
5% for 5 years
then does it become
10% for 10 years
where does it stop or does it just grow higher

There's an UCSA petition and differing views - see Daily Nexus.

no one really talking about that $220 Million boondoggle(sp?) as context, red flag in all of this...

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