Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"four tragic UC decisions that have shaped the current funding situation: the twenty-year pension contribution holiday, the secret redistributing of state funds and tuition, the 32% tuition increase in 2009-10, and the false accounting of the cost of educating undergrad students. Many people blame the UC Regents for these problems, but my experience is that the regents usually rubber-stamp what UCOP puts in front of them."

Changing Universities: The Problems with UC’s New Tuition Plan

In all of these cases, UCOP has dug a hole that will be hard to get out of. These faulty accounting moves have also increased the distrust that many lawmakers have towards the management of the UC system. Moreover, the failure to have transparent budgets means that the regents are making their decisions on false and misleading information; in turn, many faculty representatives recycle UCOP budgets myths, and the end result is that no one knows the truth about how money circulates within the system.

on UC's Casa De California turmoil and public records requests
- see in this story Such a lovely place (such potential for waste)
Plenty of room for accountability at UC's Mexico Casa de California
By Matt Potter.
The university answered a California Public Records Act for the material on October 7 by saying, "the estimated date of production is eight weeks." Obtained through another source, the audit portrays an operation out of control, located far from proper oversight by university officials...

"We reviewed [office of the university president's] financial records and discussed Casa de California’s outstanding debt and fund balances with Capital Asset Accounting and noted Casa de California’s current outstanding debt was $3.9 million. Of this amount, $2.3 million has been funded and $1.6 million has not been funded… "Currently there is no plan in place to address Casa de California’s future funding needs."

there is also this post: The State Funding Sleight-Of-Hand: Some Thoughts on UC's Proposed Tuition Hike
Press Democrat op ed: describes the UC strategy, and compares the CA political clout of the CA Gov and the former AZ Gov, here.

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