Monday, November 3, 2014

Grad Students numbers, Op Ex, Staffing, Sacto, UC Academic Senate Org status, NRT as money maker, and more Eve of Election roundup

they all come up here: Remaking The University - The New Normal What Does It Mean To Work At UC Today?
- includes in depth analysis from a BFA presentation also touches on Op Ex problems now being discussed, grad student data and needs, staff and staffing needs, non resident tuition and whether or not it is a financial fix, the state of the UC Academic Senate organizationally, Sacramento's part in all of it and much more.
Daily Cal Academic Senate Releases New Admissions Criteria on Student Athletes.

Janet Napolitano to Speak at Haas, Nov. 4 - Napolitano will delve into topics ranging from her own approach to leadership and the role of gender in leadership, to the university’s role in addressing global issues. Given that Nov. 4 is Election Day, she will answer questions about the political climate in our state and nation, and discuss the challenge of getting more young people involved in politics and public service.
Daily Cal - Candidates for state governor present different higher education plans

Brown has cautioned the UC Board of Regents that if it doesn’t reform its approach to long-term financial planning, students will be in for more large tuition increases. The regents will be considering tuition increases at their meeting in November.

Kashkari, however, says the university will have to learn to do more with less.

“It is incumbent upon the UCs, CSUs, and California Community Colleges to deploy current resources in a manner that can reach more students, move them along, and help them finish more quickly and affordably while maintaining high quality standards,” Kashkari said in his plan.

SF Chron Matier & Ross 40% of voters unaware Jerry Brown is seeking another term


Sac Bee Dan Walters Daily: Big money talks, even for Jerry Brown


The likely/coming Tuition Increases? a UC Regents gives hints.

and the Strawberry patents battle involving UCD and CA

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