Friday, November 14, 2014

"If you want to be a private doctor, be a private doctor," White said. "But you're a faculty member. You're a teacher. You're a professor -- and it's for the good of the university that you don't retain your profits."

see: this KCRA story on UC Regents in a battle with a UC Davis world renowned veterinarian -- video and transcript available there, too.

"University wide, it would affect everybody in California," said Parker White, the attorney for the Board of Regents. “Because you got somebody who's not playing by the rules.”

The rules he’s referring to are listed in contracts signed by faculty members like Snyder, who signed a contract saying he could work outside the school -- he just wasn’t allowed to keep any money, except for royalties or prizes, according to the lawsuit.

All other money is supposed to go into a profit-sharing plan.

"What happens in this plan is the doc, the faculty member, any outside income that they make, they put it into this plan, which is something Dr. Snyder's never done," White said.

also note there this section:

"As an employer, UC Davis or any employer should manage their people," Bowman said. "They should know what they're doing (and) where they're at -- so for them to claim that he wasn't spending time there or he wasn't, you know, doing his job, I mean, that's employee discipline, perhaps. But then to say, you know, 'You owe us money because we're not managing you,' it's a tough argument."

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