Thursday, November 20, 2014

It must be 'Documentaries Night'...

CNN aired Ivory Tower tonight (it was released earlier in theaters first) and there is a large section devoted to the Cooper Union 65 day occupation -and they cover some of the behind the scenes, background -- it is supposed to re-air again back to back but the POTUS address set the scheduled time back a bit.
Then @cnewf tweeted about the public comment at today's UC Regents meeting and noted the staff who made comments about the Stars program
tweet: represented #UC employees are not eligible for incentive awards thanks to a "dictate from #UCOP"? staff now saying this at #UCRegents

tweet: excellent start to #UCRegents open comment from staff concretizing "crushing workload" and cuts->demotivation, ongoing crisis

Just want to add on to that: the Wiseman documentary At Berkeley footage captured that specific issue -- there is a section where the Birgeneau cabinet which included faculty and VCs etc. met and during that meeting the then-now former-VC of what is called Information Services & Tech spoke about what sounded like a campus pattern of "nepotism" (that was the word used in the film) associated with an incentive program that gave out $$ called the Spot(?) or Star(?) program (Some staff warned about this when those programs were launched btw) and then it led into major subtext conversation/disagreements among cabinet members about approaches to performance management in a university setting. When the documentary released and even came to campus for special viewing no one from UC admin talked afterward in press interviews about how the administration worked on that problem- whether or not it was ever fixed, or if the nepotism was addressed. The admin associated with the film's shooting and PR spent time talked instead about the on campus 'opening night festivities' they attended. Now, today, staff as a last resort must go to the UC Regents meetings to communicate that the problem still exists- and not just on the Cal campus- according to their public comments. Guess some folks who were fond of the buzz of the Wiseman documentary weren't paying full attention to the content and UCOP wasn't seeing it as a flag for system-wide? It was remarkable they let the broadstroke nepotism discussion at the cabinet meeting just go unaddressed with just the hope of an Op Ex fix that might resolve it- but apparently didn't- b/c it is being talked about now as a regent level problem today.

You can read those tweets mentioned above and others from the meeting and a new post here: Remaking the University Wild Day at the UC Regents: The Stakes of the Tuition Wars

Now as Wheeler developments are being covered and the UCSC Occupation of Humanities 2 is now happening too, apparently

and even more photos and video from Huffington Post here "UC-Berkeley Students Protest Tuition Hike With Building Takeover (PHOTOS/VIDEO)"

a reminder of The Taking of Wheeler Hall mini-doc from a few years back-- and then realized- on the date stamp as the video ended- that it's another 'anniversary' marker, too.
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Keep it mellow-- so, Carpenter's Its Yesterday Once More ha
but- really- it's more like maybe some LZ Kashmir (and: not Kashmiri type fees)

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