Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More Election Day Talk, A Win, and That G2 Spot

Election Day 2014 post at Remaking the University
and Changing Universities does a post on it, too.

No one talking about the revamp on the Higher Ed Act on deck this coming year for US Sen etc. MSM did a l'il soft reference to potential impact on SCOTUS a few weeks back but - MSM mostly focused on how (pro-con) it helps HRC in 2016, why frame it that way?
Daily Cal: The UC Office of the President revoked stipulations that withdrew all public funding to Lick Observatory by 2018 — reestablishing UC support for the university-owned observatory located on Mount Hamilton.
A cloud or not a cloud? UCLA astronomers believe that they have solved the riddle of the object widely known as G2

While there...aahhhh, the rankings games cited: In all, seven University of California campuses were included in the rankings: UC Berkeley (No. 3), UC San Diego (No. 18), UC San Francisco (No. 22), UC Santa Barbara (No. 28), UC Davis (No. 37), UC Santa Cruz (No. 63) and UC Irvine (No. 66).

Many still want to give energy to the Maher commencement speech and FSM linking... - can't help themselves but to talk about... Berkeley.
Speaking of -in case you didn't see it earlier- this section in the middle of this post: Are the campuses tied closely to the fate of the system? We couldn't address this question in a short talk, and took a quick look at Berkeley. The flagships have better resources than the younger campuses, but even Berkeley has been struggling. It fell into deficit in FY 2013.

See New curriculum at UCSB written about like this in PR blurb: on student and corporate customer funnels

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