Sunday, November 16, 2014

"The president of the University of California says nobody within the UC administration can remember any "deal" with Gov. Jerry Brown not to raise tuition for the next two years. "I wasn't here then, so I asked," said UC chief Janet Napolitano. "Nobody can find it, the regents who were here at the time can't find it.

OP=What deal,Gov.? (Another reason why UC Regent video and audio archive should be available permanently rather than e.g. UC regents meeting video purged from their web archive after one year.)

NBC Los Angeles has more video clips of the interview and background here

(btw it wasn't just about "the Chancellors' raises" in July. Maybe it wasn't an outrage created over e.g. UCSB's Chancellor finally getting some pay equity. Maybe the outrage came from the other raises found in that list that came from the UC Regents meeting documents- did they consider that aspect?)
Likely you've seen the UC PR "UC is accountable to the people of California for how well it performs" stamped on various UC web pages etc.

but -- now, OP asking 'What numbers?'
see Daily Journal points to Associated Press article: Report: University of California hasn't complied with spending disclosure law

and the Contra Costa times has it too

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on its website Saturday ( ) that UC had more than a year to report how much it spends to educate undergraduates versus graduates, on research, and how much money from each funding source goes to each area.

The disclosure was due by Oct. 1, but as the deadline approached UC requested a month's extension. On Oct. 31, UC President Janet Napolitano submitted a 7-page preliminary report and promised a final report in six weeks.

Is their 'sick the students on Sacramento not OP or UC' tactic going to work?
cuz there are students in this next piece who are asking UC to answer some important questions first.

SF Chron UC resists law requiring disclosure of expenditures

The University of California has so far failed to comply with a new state law pushed by Gov. Jerry Brown requiring it to disclose, for the first time, key details about how it spends its money — information state officials want especially now that UC is asking the regents to approve five years of tuition increases.

Brown pushed for the law after expressing frustration with UC for giving fat raises to executives, and after urging a moratorium on tuition increases in exchange for more state funding.

The law, AB94, requires UC to tell the public how much it spends to educate undergraduates versus graduates, how much it spends on research, and how much money from each funding source goes to each area. State officials say they want the data to understand how much tuition UC should charge, and what the size of enrollment should be, and for basic transparency to the public.

UC currently lumps those expenditures together in an “average cost of instruction,”

And when a rumor circulated a few years ago that UC was using student fees as collateral on the sale of construction bonds, there was no way to verify UC’s promise that that was not the case.

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