Monday, November 24, 2014

Those Cal Grants Numbers, Future Costs and more

Contra Costa Times: University of California: The hidden cost of tuition hikes
By 2013, the state spent about $773 million on Cal Grants for UC students alone -- up from $339 million in 2008, according to preliminary figures posted on the university's website. Although the governor has yet to propose Cal Grant amounts for next year's budget, UC assumes the grants will continue to keep pace with tuition, said a spokeswoman, Dianne Klein. Earlier this month, UC financial aid director Chris Carter said the same thing in a letter to students.

"I write to reassure you that if tuition does increase, financial aid resources are expected to increase, too," he said.

Left in the lurch are the other Californians attending UC: those who pay some or all of their tuition, in addition to the substantial costs of room, board and books -- which drives the total cost well higher than $30,000 a year.

Many of them are middle-class. "Those are the folks -- middle class and up -- that have to figure out, 'How do I do this?'" said Dean Florez, a former state senator and CEO of the 20 Million Minds Foundation.

US News and World Report: University of California Tuition Hike Shows Why Freezes Don't Work

SF Chron Editorial How to avoid stalemate on UC tuition: But the families and taxpayers who are footing the bill deserve to know that UC has made a good-faith effort to produce the reforms that Brown has demanded. Napolitano has not done that.

Our concern is that egos might get in the way and a stalemate would result. The worst possible outcome would be that Brown and legislators withdraw the planned state funding increases and the regents hold firm to the 5 percent annual tuition increase.

Press Democrat: Massive UC Fee Hike Unjustifiable

Cal Alumni Magazine: To the Trenches Over Tuition Hikes: Battle Over UC Funding Now Shifts to Sacramento
SCPR and KPCC: UC Board of Regents approves tuition hike
runs about 25 minutes
Ana Tintocalis, education reporter for KQED’s The Calfornia Report, she is at the UC Board of Regents meeting in San Francisco

Nathan Brostrom, Chief Financial Officer for the University of California system, co-proposed the tuition hike plan with UC President Janet Napolitano

Sadia Saifuddin, Student Regent for the University of California system

KCRW UC Committee Moves Forward with Tuition Hike
runs about 24 minutes
Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle, @NanetteAsimov
Nathan Brostrom, University of California
H.D. Palmer, California State Department of Finance, @HDatFinance
Caitlin Quinn, UC Berkeley, @thecaitlinquinn
weekend coverage included CNN Newsroom went to Wheeler and described it as 'a sleepover' with video of people asleep in sleeping bags--it was used as a segueway into their finance correspondent talking about students working admin and gardening jobs to fund their higher ed at a place called Blackburn -- but there is some more content on Wheeler Commons movement here at CNN and here at SF Weekly and here at NBC Los Angeles and NBC Bay Area and a round up of coverage on it here at WN and here in this fuller CNN piece
Counterpunch with much detail from UCSC and: Since the 90s top administrative strata has grown 251%, adding a new billion in costs, but between the financial crisis and Occupy alone (2008 -2011), the number of individuals receiving more than $200,000 in base pay grew by 44 percent. According to UAW local 2865 analysis, while top earners are only 2.6 percent of the total UC workforce, they now account for 13.8 percent of 10+ billion in payroll payments. Alas, there is no fear of self-satire in the UC, where centers for the study of economics are now named for a Regent billionaire—with Mr. DiFi’s eponymous Richard C. Blum Center open at Berkeley. When the center needed building, Blum’s own DRS construction firm won the “contract” for the job.
SCPR with UC Student Plan Walkout Monday Over Tuition Increases

LA Times After UC regents OK tuition plan, eyes turn to Gov. Jerry Brown, state funding

Former SF Mayor and CA Speaker Willie Brown offers his take on the battle that's getting all that national news coverage, he says- Jerry Brown’s UC tuition Battle May Boomerang

and there is another view on it here in LA Times
blast from the past-- MSNBC Chris Matthews: had his ol' friend - the former UC Regent Gerald Parsky on Hardball to talk about ...'How Hollywood Covers Pols, DC'-- and on Ferguson, and immigration -- sigh, beltway media.

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