Tuesday, November 18, 2014

UC Regents Meet November 18 afternoon

see: agenda and info on how to view or listen to the meeting here at this link- remember Pacific Standard Time.

Tuesday, November 18

1:30 pm Committee of the Whole (public comment)

1:50 pm Committee on Grounds and Buildings (open session)

GB1 Discussion Financing Model Update – Simpson Center for Student-Athlete
High Performance and the Renovated California Memorial
Stadium, Berkeley Campus

GB2 Action Acceptance of the 2014-24 Capital Financial Plan

GB3 Discussion Status of the Pilot Phase of the Delegated Process for Capital
Improvement Projects

GB4 Action Approval of Preliminary Plans Funding, Graduate and
Professional Student Housing – East Campus, San Diego

GB5 Action Approval of the Budget and Approval of External Financing,
Outpatient Pavilion, San Diego Campus

GB6 Action Certification of Environmental Impact Report, Amendment of
Regents’ Action – Designation of Open Space Reserve,
Alteration of Campus Boundaries, Commitment of Houses to
Residential Use, Authorization to Negotiate Sale of Properties
and Commitment to Transportation Studies, San Francisco
Campus – as Modified, and Approval of the UCSF 2014 Long
Range Development Plan, San Francisco Campus

GB7 Action Acceptance of the Physical Design Framework, UC Irvine
Medical Center, Irvine Campus

3:30 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (open session)
A1 Discussion Annual Report on Internal Audit Activities 2013-14
A2 Discussion Annual Report on Ethics and Compliance Activities 2013-14
A3 Discussion Annual Report of External Auditors for the Year Ended June 30,

4:30 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (Regents only session)
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of November 12, 2013
A4(XX) Discussion Compliance and Audit Personnel Matters
A5(XX) Discussion Annual Consultation with Regents’ Auditors Concerning
Performance of University Personnel
SF Chronicle has some reporters and columnists fielding your questions on the question: Is Higher UC Tuition Justified? Today at 12pm PST
Daily Cal Regents State Clash on Long Term UC Financial Plan
Sac Bee: UC Students’ Future Is At Stake In Tuition Vote by Jefferson Kuoch-Seng, a student at UC Merced, is president of the University of California Student Association, which represents more than 240,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students on 11 campuses.
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for their periodic coverage of the UC Regents meeting and background on UC Regents, UCOP/OP etc.

And also check out the student newspapers for their coverage of this week's UC Regents meeting and more:

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UC Irvine: New University
UC Merced Prodigy: http://theprodigy.ucmerced.edu/
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UCSF Synapse http://synapse.ucsf.edu/home-page
If you have the time... view the video: available here of the UC Regents CA Senate Rules confirmation meeting that took place over the summer - as a refresher on the issues at hand, to flesh out who is able to communicate that 'Public Higher Ed Vision thing' as in 'differing visions of what higher education should be' etc.

Has anyone really offered a true public higher ed vision to Californians?

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