Friday, November 14, 2014

UCOP Buying Mega Office Space, and more on tuition hike proposal coverage

SF Biz Times: University of California to pull off largest office deal in Oakland

The UC system's primary motivation for buying is for investment purposes, not just to occupy it, the source said. UC's investment office has staked 7.7 percent of its endowment on real estate, or about a half-billion dollars.


The decision to sell by Ellis Partners, which declined to comment, comes as a surprise considering the firm bought it just last year.

Is Ellis Partners connected to CB Ellis as in-- Regent Blum?

LA Times: Senate leader offers alternative to UC tuition hike proposal

De León called for the change in a letter and phone call Thursday to UC President Janet Napolitano, asking her to consider following public universities in other states such as Virginia, where out-of-state tuition is 17% more than what California charges, or about $4,000 more a year.

"California's university system is one of the premier higher education systems in the world, and we should require that non-resident students pay a premium to attend it," De León wrote to Napolitano. "The revenue generated from these fees can be used to increase affordability and access for more Californians."

Napolitano has already proposed a plan that could raise total tuition for out-of-staters to $36,828 next year and $44,766 by 2019-20.

SF Chron: UC should scale back tuition increase plan
includes: (Napolitano)She came with one startling statistic that underscored UC’s role as a dispensary of opportunity: Its lowest-income students routinely exceed the combined income of all their other family members within five years of graduation.

OC Reg on Success Fees Likely To Stay At CSUs

CNN's Ivory Tower Documentary premieres November 20th

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