Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Who heads the "CA Center Right"?

and how does it interact with UC? Those kinds of questions raised in the subtext in many op eds- who is controlling the center right in CA and where do they fall in line on the latest battle?:
Christian Science Monitor: In California, it's Jerry Brown vs. Janet Napolitano over UC tuition hike (+video)

“California has had on-time budgets lately, but Brown is smart enough not to believe the fiscal happy talk by his reelection campaign,” Professor Pitney says. “He favors austerity because he knows that future budgets will be tighter. Winter is coming.”

Some education insiders question whether this isn’t the time for UC to do more than it has already done in cutting costs to a level that the state and students can afford.

Herhold: Napolitano emerged victorious over Brown in UC tuition fight
Editorial: UC has tin ear on tuition hike
Is it really a 'center right Blue' spectrum, though?

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