Sunday, December 7, 2014

Count, Look, Get In Line

see HuffPo: Jerry Brown Gets the Final Count and Looks Ahead

In the meantime, his skirmish with the University of California, which wants not just more state money but a tuition hike, continues. The legislature is responding on Brown's side, with the Assembly speaker introducing legislation which would require zero-based budgeting at UC. That should give some bureaucrats a bit of pause.

University of California President Janet Napolitano -- the ex-Arizona governor and US homeland security secretary -- wants to raise tuition despite getting more money from Brown's big Prop 30 victory in 2012. Brown's against that, but the UC Board of Regents -- reliably captured by the bureaucratic status quo as it has been since I first dealt with it decades ago over South Africa divestment -- voted 14 to 7 against Brown. Despite Brown spending more time with the board than any other governor.

Some UC folks like to claim that excellence -- the university, with Brown and my alma mater Berkeley leading the way, is arguably the world's leading public university. But excellence does not always equate to spending. And spending often equates to excess. Consider that the growth in spending on UC faculty and regular staff has kept pace with enrollment grown in recent decades, while the growth in spending on management and senior professionals has skyrocketed.

see LAT Many Want More Money, UC Should Get In Line

A lot of people mistakenly thought Brown's Proposition 30 tax increase would pump substantially more money into education. That wasn't the purpose. The purpose was to spare K-12 schools and community colleges from $5.4 billion in additional cuts, and the universities from an extra $500-million hit.

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