Monday, December 1, 2014

'No Confidence In UC Regents, Napolitano' - UC Student Movement Gaining Steam

see Daily Cal:
3 UC Student Governments Consider Bills Expressing No Confidence In Regents, Napolitano

Student government officials from UC Berkeley, UCLA and UC Riverside are working to pass bills expressing no confidence in UC President Janet Napolitano and the UC Board of Regents after the board’s approval of a controversial tuition increase policy.

The bill was written collaboratively by student government representatives from each of the three campuses, namely the external vice presidents and Kevin Sabo, a UC Berkeley student who currently serves as board chair for the UC Student Association.

The bill demands the regents repeal the tuition policy and calls for the creation of a committee composed of students, faculty, staff, alumni and administration to conduct an investigation of the UC budget.

The bill also raises concerns about the fact that Napolitano announced the plan to student leaders two weeks before formally presenting the plan to the regents. A 2012 assembly bill requires the university to inform the UC Student Association at least 40 days before mandatory fee increases are introduced, though the bill was not formally adopted by the regents.

Although responses to the regents’ actions were originally discussed by the UC Student Association in an effort to establish student leadership for concerned students, Sabo said grassroots movements have begun on many campuses.

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