Sunday, December 14, 2014

UPDATED - speedy completion, high speed rail - higher ed, more

CORRECTED link, see: Dean Florez writing this in 'The Governor vs The Board' piece: Rather, this is a question about whether California systems will allow other outside provider's courses to count for credit as well. The cost and quality question center's on whether students should be able to prove their mettle by earning certificates of credit from places like Western Governor's University or other online college competency programs and whether California colleges are willing to recognize and reward a student's more affordable choice.

What the UC regents, legislators and governor should do in this situation is begin the process of explicitly and clearly defining all pathways for free and low-cost transfer options into the UC system, giving students a better way to manage the overall cost of a degree.

Also recall from News Brief - 7/11/05 Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano Joined the Board of Western Governors University - current list of trustees for them here-and President of the UC Regents Gov Brown listed in the 'member states'.
and Wilk on the high speed rail and higher ed : This measure would also require the net proceeds of other bonds later issued and sold under the high-speed rail portion of the bond act to be made available to fund construction of school facilities for K-12 and higher education.

The Atlantic begins coverage on it: CA High Speed Rail - It's Happening

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